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Friday, June 25, 2010

Ethics? Really

In a recent utterance Chuckles the clown wrote:

The Gatewoods, my rather prosperous, influential, political and very intuitive maternal grandparents, were convinced that KWT possessed NOT ONE physical attribute of the family, NOT ONE psychological attribute of the family, and NOT ONE moral or ethical attribute of the family. Some of the family’s principles included:
Now I don't know or care about his family issues, but I find it funny how he seems to take pride in how HE is an example of all that is good in his family.

Physical attributes? His pictures show a fat little troll of a man, Hardly a source of family pride unless your family guards the pot at the end of the rainbow.

Psychological attributes? Charlie could fill a textbook, the kind he pretends to have read when he got his imaginary degree, with his psychosis.

Morals and ethics? I can only assume he feels his convictions for voter fraud and harassment, his stalking of people (as evidenced on his own little blog), his hate filled, racist, sexist messages, his fabrication of multiple personalities, and other such behavior are moral and ethical standards of which to be proud. Not sure anyone outside the trailer park would concur.

Bravo Gatewood family! Your standard bearer is quite a gem!


  1. "DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter is the very antithesis of the meaning of ETHICS...not only does he lack any attributes/characteristics of the word's meaning but wouldn't know what ethics were if they slapped him.

    Charles Richard Treuter might best be defined as such a poor excuse for human existence that when he dies those who are paid to bury his worthless carcass will have to dig up in order to put him six foot under the ground.

    For all of Charles Richard Treuter's fraudulent claims about himself and his prison wife about whom he has claimed is a fellow "doctor" and a world renowned neurologist the very lowest, most despicable, criminally fraudulent claim he has made on the internet is that he served his country as a member of the National Guard's Reserve. This coward who was a draft dodger during the Viet Nam conflict never spent a nanosecond in the United States Military but claims he rose to the rank of Captain in its Reserves...doesn't get much or any sicker than that "Doc"!!!

    Well, I've exposed him and his wife in an Internet Blog wherein the results of my commissioned investigation of this pathological liar and sociopathic troll have been posted for all to review. And with respect to that fraudulent and pathetically degenerate claim of military service to the U.S.A. I've devoted a page to debunking the LIE.

    At the very time Charles Richard Treuter claims he was serving the country in the capacity of a "Captain" in the military's reserves he was in fact an insignificant clerk in the old five and dime styled S.S. Kresge Co. stores which became K-Mart and fired "Captain" Treuter for a criminal act.

    Charles Richard Treuter's ranting about his patriotic service to the United States when in fact he was a draft dodger of the late 60s and early 70s is EXPOSED at: http://ferreted.blogspot.com/2010/06/docchuckcharles-richard-treuters.html

    There is so much more at the site for anyone who wishes to know the truth about this sicko POS. The site's factual accuracy is indisputable. He knows that as does his wife and his imaginary battery of Washington, D.C. "attorneys", LOL.



  2. I don't know about you and your family, but I believe every word you write as I have caught Mr. Charlie in many, many lies and have clear and irrefutable evidence of these lies. Since his track record with the truth seems so poor, I have no reason to doubt your words.