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Friday, June 18, 2010

Throwing Stones

One has to wonder what drives a man like Charlie to behave in the manner he does. Why would anyone with even half a brain (you're welcome there Chuck for my generosity) act like such a fool. The only conclusion I can make is that it is all a counter offensive maneuver. Chuck has spun so many lies about himself and his life that he lives under constant fear of his house of cards collapsing around him. This, combined with his delusions of grandeur in thinking anyone actually cares about his fabricated life story, has prompted him to strike out to divert attention from the truth.

To wit, here is a tale of the person who has been, at various times, reported to be an MD, PhD, world renowned clinic director. Turns out, she is just a prison nurse who probably spends her day testing convicts for various communicable diseases.


Again, how pathetic.

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  1. In my exposing the fraudulent claims made by/about Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis)Treuter I had to consider the fact that because Charles Treuter, her husband, has unlawfully stolen the identities of many people so as to troll the internet for more than five years that perhaps the claims about his wife being attributed to her blogsite post actually originated with Charles Treuter instead of his wife. However, understanding his particular form of psychosis I could not dismiss the fact that he would have hidden his claims about her from her and since she has never publicly denied the self-aggrandizing claims she is at least guilty of allowing and/or condoning his doing so.

    I also took a careful look at the prison nurse's employer and realized it also practices deceit and has a horrid reputation because of its conduct which may very well explain why it has allowed the "Dr. E" myth to continue.

    My Report/Exposé is located at: