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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Let's Pretend

In his most recent utterance, everyone's favorite master of irony wrote:

But then, on the internet, one can be anything one wants to be.

Wow, who would know better than the man who has spewed fake info about himself and his wife for years. Yes, our pal Charlie has been a long time resident of this town:


  1. "DocChuck"/Charles Richard Treuter's Fraudulent Claim To Military Service...

    Beneath one of "DocChuck's/Charles Richard Treuter's "DocChuck Chats" Blog’s he wrote to one of his imaginary commenters at

    http://docchuckchats.blogspot.com/2010/06/ the following "explanation-to-one-of-my-readers" what is a wholly fraudulent claim of the pathological liar and sociopath Charles Richard Treuter and a discussion of the claim in light of Federal Law. It’s already been forwarded to the proper Federal Law-Enforcement Agencies. Thanks to President George W. Bush for his having signed into law the relevant Federal Act’s amendments.

    THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 2010

    Charles Richard’s Verbatim Lie:

    “…I was too busy earning my United States Army ranking of ‘Captain’ in the Reserves. I was too busy being an American…”,

    Well, “DocChuck”/Charles Richard Treuter, who claims he has a battery of lawyers ready to serve his legal needs at his beckoning call had best beckon them to his side because he may very well be a candidate for either state or federal prosecution which forbids making fraudulent claims (orally or in writing) with respect to:

    “Claiming to have served in the United States Armed Forces, a Reserve Component thereof, or the National Guard; or

    Claiming he served in the military during a wartime era, whether or not there was a declared war, or makes ANY misrepresentation of actual military service.”

    Having already moved to start the wheels of justice rolling against this sociopathic fraud who in actuality is known as Charles Richard Treuter (born in Houston, Texas on or about May 19, 1942 to Richard Oscar and Nellie Vernon Treuter) but hides behind the internet screen name of “DocChuck” it is the intent of this investigator to see to it that the pathological liar be brought to justice for this very shameful violation of LAW inasmuch as he never served so much as a day in any of this country’s armed forces and certainly has no legal right to claim that he did…much less claim that he “earned” or “rose” to the level of “Captain” in the military, especially during a time when the United States Military was involved in war in order to defend the government of South Viet Nam from the communist regime of North Viet Nam - making his fraudulent claim all the more egregious inasmuch as he was a cowardly individual who refused to serve his country.

    Charles Richard Treuter has crossed the lines of decency, morality, and the rule of law this latest act of self-aggrandizement, i.e., LIE.

    The Truth: Be assured that should "DocChuck" delete the post it will do him no good. A snapshot of the original post was made and has been filed with an online file storage service which has it encrypted so it is ABSOLUTELY safe from the "Doc's" or any of his thug's attempt to remove it from my hard drive or destroy the printed hard copies of it. It's so easy to be smarter and always a step ahead of Charles Richard Treuter. And if "no balls" Charlie or his wealthy wife have a problem with this exposure then they can sue me. I'd love for them to do so and open up DISCOVERY where he'd be required to show his "military service" (non existent ones) under a subpoena duces tecum where I'd have him deposed under oath and asked specifically about this false claim and act at stealing valor from our brave military personnel, past and present. What a coward - he dodged the draft because he was too damned chicken-shit to serve but he now wants to bolster his farcical fraud about himself so he claims military service and the rank of Captain in the United States' Military Reserve.

    Fake Marine Sentenced to Probation
    June 22, 2010
    Tampa Tribune


  2. The Truth:

    Here's an interesting story published by the Tampa Tribune about a 49 Year Old Fake Marine who has been convicted of stolen valor by claiming military service.


    Charlie "no balls" Treuter is just as guilty and I have happily exposed that fact at my blog:

    http://ferreted.blogspot.com/ Under the title of, "DocChuck's"/Charles Richard Treuter's Fraudulent Claim To Military Service - found under my blog's Exposés, Outings, and More section. I've challenged this chicken-shit draft dodger that he was and pathological liar that he is to sue me so I can have him deposed under oath and then publish his sworn testimony about his imagined military service as a "Captain in the United States Military's Reserve" but of course he hasn't sued and won't. What a POS he is.