I am a loser!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Empty Threats from an Empty Man

Charles R. Treuter, better known as Doc Chuck has started his own little mean spirited blog. He does little more there than harass and belittle. He enjoys playing a victim, but other than being a victim of bad genetics and sad childhood, he is no victim.

On his new blog he has disabled comments to prevent those he seeks to victimize from responding in kind. This site will be available to respond to his nonsense, and as Chuck promises, will be a home to information that will expose this loser for what he really is.


  1. This dude is a colossal dick. I will add some stuff soon.

  2. you need to see www.chuckchat.blogspot.com it is an ANTI-Chucklehead website.... he keeps making more and more enemies