I am a loser!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Credibility, it seems, is not Charles Treuter's strong suit .... "

In yet another long winded expose intended to reveal the truth, something our dear Charles wouldn't recognize if it rose up and bit him, Charlie rails against what I assume is his brother.

As part of his expose he posts what he reports is a picture of his brother's wife...

Under this photo Chuckle head writes...

This is the REAL illegal mexican immigrant, Maria Borges "Treuter" (60 years old, 300+ pounds) from a fairly recent photograph submitted by a neighbor of the Treuter "compound"

Unfortunately for Chuck, he wrongly assumes the rest of the world is as stupid as he is, and therefore sets the bar very low and makes it so very easy to uncovering more of his lies.

This is not his target's wife, it isn't a recent photograph he got from some cooperative neighbor, it is something he trolled off the net in a story about a Kansas woman who apparently was arrested in the death of a child.

Oh Charlie, you dumb ass, at least change the links in your pictures so they are semi credible.

Once again you offer clear proof you are a fraud, a liar, a phony, and, not terribly bright.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shot down again!

Looks like our pal Chuckles has been shot down again. In typical fashion he makes it seem like it was his principled belief in free speech that led him to pull the plug on his myspace blog, yet anyone who has followed his trail of BS knows better. Lies, distortions, and hate have gotten him banned, if only partially this time, from yet another web site.

Face it chuckle head, no one wants to smell what you are cooking loser!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Once a liar, always a liar

A check of the chuckleheads blog of hate shows that one victim of his hate is a poster to a food web site. I can only guess this poster bested our pal Charlie in some contest of wit or intelligence (a battle our pretend PhD is ill equipped to fight), so in retaliation Charlie has posted pictures of his house and details about his life. I am pretty sure no one other than another obsessed, psychotic, stalker would care about such nonsense, but our boy sure seems to get his rocks off posting it.

I did a little fact checking on the story and found that not only are many of the comments absolute lies, but the names used for the comments are fakes as well. Charlie is using the names of frequent posters at the web site at issue and trying to make it seem like they have joined him in a crusade against this poster. This is a sham. Charlie is writing the comments, and signing other people's names.

How pathetic is this?

He is fighting a fight that no one cares about, and has to resort to commenting to himself to make it seem like anyone gives a crap.

Wow, how empty is your life Charlie that you need to set up a big charade like this. Do you really expect anyone to believe your lies about your educational background and employment history when you post things like a grade school child?

Grow up, grow a set, and do something important with your life you pathetic loser.