I am a loser!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ethics? Really

In a recent utterance Chuckles the clown wrote:

The Gatewoods, my rather prosperous, influential, political and very intuitive maternal grandparents, were convinced that KWT possessed NOT ONE physical attribute of the family, NOT ONE psychological attribute of the family, and NOT ONE moral or ethical attribute of the family. Some of the family’s principles included:
Now I don't know or care about his family issues, but I find it funny how he seems to take pride in how HE is an example of all that is good in his family.

Physical attributes? His pictures show a fat little troll of a man, Hardly a source of family pride unless your family guards the pot at the end of the rainbow.

Psychological attributes? Charlie could fill a textbook, the kind he pretends to have read when he got his imaginary degree, with his psychosis.

Morals and ethics? I can only assume he feels his convictions for voter fraud and harassment, his stalking of people (as evidenced on his own little blog), his hate filled, racist, sexist messages, his fabrication of multiple personalities, and other such behavior are moral and ethical standards of which to be proud. Not sure anyone outside the trailer park would concur.

Bravo Gatewood family! Your standard bearer is quite a gem!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Throwing Stones

One has to wonder what drives a man like Charlie to behave in the manner he does. Why would anyone with even half a brain (you're welcome there Chuck for my generosity) act like such a fool. The only conclusion I can make is that it is all a counter offensive maneuver. Chuck has spun so many lies about himself and his life that he lives under constant fear of his house of cards collapsing around him. This, combined with his delusions of grandeur in thinking anyone actually cares about his fabricated life story, has prompted him to strike out to divert attention from the truth.

To wit, here is a tale of the person who has been, at various times, reported to be an MD, PhD, world renowned clinic director. Turns out, she is just a prison nurse who probably spends her day testing convicts for various communicable diseases.


Again, how pathetic.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hypocrisy Expert

Our boy Chuck finally wrote about a subject he IS an expert on, being a hypocrite.

Let's look at a few gems, shall we?

"Nowhere do hypocrites thrive more profusely than in the world of the food industry in general, with all of its various parasites, charlatans and uneducated lemmings."

Nowhere? I can think of a place. http://docchuckchats.blogspot.com/

"A few of the particularly irritating hypocrites are often called:

• Foodies - persons whose total existence revolves around what they stuff down their gullets. It seems to be the ONLY subject about which these people are intelligent enough to speak."

Well, at least they have that one subject Chuck. You are constantly spewing nonsense out your blow hole despite being qualified for little more than being a pillow biter at a men's penitentiary.

"• Greenies - persons who pontificate about the environment and have absolutely NO educational expertise to back up what they are constantly blabbing about."

NO educational expertise? Again, something you are quite familiar with!

Oh, there isn't any point to going on as I would just be repeating myself. Here is an idea for you Chuckles. Get your own house in order before lashing out at the rest of the world. You are one seriously defective man.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Let's Pretend

In his most recent utterance, everyone's favorite master of irony wrote:

But then, on the internet, one can be anything one wants to be.

Wow, who would know better than the man who has spewed fake info about himself and his wife for years. Yes, our pal Charlie has been a long time resident of this town:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Man of his Word? Oh please!!

So, a few days ago Chuckes the Clown wrote a spirited diatribe about journalistic integrity. It almost sounded believable, but true to form, old Chuckie didn't take long to show his true colors.

His words were:

But if YOU want to come on THIS blog and spew your hate, your unfounded accusations, and your death threats, then I want to know who YOU are. Therefore, I am no longer permitting 'comments' until they have been validated (if you don’t know what that word means, ‘Google’ it).

If you post a legitimate email address and a legitimate name, your 'comment' will be posted --- period, whether or not I agree with it, condone it, or how nasty it may be.

But, if you think I will allow bullshit comments from cowards hiding behind phony names and addresses, then you are wasting your fucking time.

but as it urns out, he has been deleting comments that reveal the truth while at the same time making comments under faked names.

Who is wasting their time now Chuck?

Integrity? None

Honesty? Oh please

Coward? Picture Charles R. Treuter with hand raised

Charlie, you are pathetic. When you lay your head down at night do you feel good about yourself or do you think about how many people would be happy if you simply stopped breathing as you slept?

Why don't you do something productive? Hate is such a waste of time.

UPDATE: 7/13

A quick look at Chuckles recent posts offers further proof that he wouldn't know what honesty or integrity was even if it squatted down on his fat head and laid an egg.

Look through the comments on some of his recent posts and see how many "anonymous" comments he has allowed...as long as they agree with his misguided views.

Can this guy ever tell the truth?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Are your pants on fire?

Pathetic Chuck wrote...

"Louise ‘therealchiffonade’ Brescia has been stalking me for over five years"

I don't know or care about the history of this spat, but what I know for sure is that Charles Treuter has registered on several food sites as the very person he says is stalking him. He has set up fake arguments with himself. Basically, he is stalking himself. To what end? God only knows.

Don't buy into any of his stalker victim nonsense. The real stalker is plainly evident from the posts on his silly little blog and from Charlie's prison record for internet harassment.

Isn't that right Charlie?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Man of a thousand faces, but half a brain

Over the past few years of his hollow, pathetic existence, Charlie has made a hobby out of posting to food sites. To get a thrill that wearing women's underwear apparently no longer gives him, he often posts as other people. Given his level of psychosis, it is certainly possible he actually hears these voices in his head, but a more likely scenario is that he finds such moronic behavior entertaining.

On his little blog he wrote a lengthy post about people who harass him, but I have concrete proof this is simply not true. Charlie first opens a yahoo or gmail e-mail account using the name of who he wants to pretend to be, then registers as that person at various food sites, and starts arguments with himself.

Imagine how empty one's life must be to do this on a constant basis over a period of years?

That is our Charlie.

Bottom Feeder

In explaining today why he won't allow comments on his blog Chuckie wrote:

What I do NOT believe in, nor condone, is a bottom-feeding COWARD. Many of the 'commenters' here seem to know who I am, where I live, my phone number, and maybe even the size of my penis.

While I have little doubt Charlie fantasizes about folks, particularly men-folks, thinking about his penis, the irony of a man who has harrassed people long and hard enough to wind up in prison...twice...while hiding behind his computer, has the stones to call anyone a bottom-feeding coward.

Charlie, while you have accomplished little in your pathetic life, you are a master of irony!

Empty Threats from an Empty Man

Charles R. Treuter, better known as Doc Chuck has started his own little mean spirited blog. He does little more there than harass and belittle. He enjoys playing a victim, but other than being a victim of bad genetics and sad childhood, he is no victim.

On his new blog he has disabled comments to prevent those he seeks to victimize from responding in kind. This site will be available to respond to his nonsense, and as Chuck promises, will be a home to information that will expose this loser for what he really is.