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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Man of a thousand faces, but half a brain

Over the past few years of his hollow, pathetic existence, Charlie has made a hobby out of posting to food sites. To get a thrill that wearing women's underwear apparently no longer gives him, he often posts as other people. Given his level of psychosis, it is certainly possible he actually hears these voices in his head, but a more likely scenario is that he finds such moronic behavior entertaining.

On his little blog he wrote a lengthy post about people who harass him, but I have concrete proof this is simply not true. Charlie first opens a yahoo or gmail e-mail account using the name of who he wants to pretend to be, then registers as that person at various food sites, and starts arguments with himself.

Imagine how empty one's life must be to do this on a constant basis over a period of years?

That is our Charlie.

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  1. Too funny! This guy claims to have a wife too, doesn't he? Imagine what she must think of him. LOL!