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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hypocrisy Expert

Our boy Chuck finally wrote about a subject he IS an expert on, being a hypocrite.

Let's look at a few gems, shall we?

"Nowhere do hypocrites thrive more profusely than in the world of the food industry in general, with all of its various parasites, charlatans and uneducated lemmings."

Nowhere? I can think of a place. http://docchuckchats.blogspot.com/

"A few of the particularly irritating hypocrites are often called:

• Foodies - persons whose total existence revolves around what they stuff down their gullets. It seems to be the ONLY subject about which these people are intelligent enough to speak."

Well, at least they have that one subject Chuck. You are constantly spewing nonsense out your blow hole despite being qualified for little more than being a pillow biter at a men's penitentiary.

"• Greenies - persons who pontificate about the environment and have absolutely NO educational expertise to back up what they are constantly blabbing about."

NO educational expertise? Again, something you are quite familiar with!

Oh, there isn't any point to going on as I would just be repeating myself. Here is an idea for you Chuckles. Get your own house in order before lashing out at the rest of the world. You are one seriously defective man.

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