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Monday, June 14, 2010

Man of his Word? Oh please!!

So, a few days ago Chuckes the Clown wrote a spirited diatribe about journalistic integrity. It almost sounded believable, but true to form, old Chuckie didn't take long to show his true colors.

His words were:

But if YOU want to come on THIS blog and spew your hate, your unfounded accusations, and your death threats, then I want to know who YOU are. Therefore, I am no longer permitting 'comments' until they have been validated (if you don’t know what that word means, ‘Google’ it).

If you post a legitimate email address and a legitimate name, your 'comment' will be posted --- period, whether or not I agree with it, condone it, or how nasty it may be.

But, if you think I will allow bullshit comments from cowards hiding behind phony names and addresses, then you are wasting your fucking time.

but as it urns out, he has been deleting comments that reveal the truth while at the same time making comments under faked names.

Who is wasting their time now Chuck?

Integrity? None

Honesty? Oh please

Coward? Picture Charles R. Treuter with hand raised

Charlie, you are pathetic. When you lay your head down at night do you feel good about yourself or do you think about how many people would be happy if you simply stopped breathing as you slept?

Why don't you do something productive? Hate is such a waste of time.

UPDATE: 7/13

A quick look at Chuckles recent posts offers further proof that he wouldn't know what honesty or integrity was even if it squatted down on his fat head and laid an egg.

Look through the comments on some of his recent posts and see how many "anonymous" comments he has allowed...as long as they agree with his misguided views.

Can this guy ever tell the truth?

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  1. I see he is also pretending to be some of the posters at sites he has been kicked off. It is also funny how he has such nasty things about these web sites, but creates one fake identity after another in an attempt to be part of them.

    I think Chuck is just lonely and desperately wants the people he says he hates to care about him and what he says.