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Monday, August 2, 2010

Once a liar, always a liar

A check of the chuckleheads blog of hate shows that one victim of his hate is a poster to a food web site. I can only guess this poster bested our pal Charlie in some contest of wit or intelligence (a battle our pretend PhD is ill equipped to fight), so in retaliation Charlie has posted pictures of his house and details about his life. I am pretty sure no one other than another obsessed, psychotic, stalker would care about such nonsense, but our boy sure seems to get his rocks off posting it.

I did a little fact checking on the story and found that not only are many of the comments absolute lies, but the names used for the comments are fakes as well. Charlie is using the names of frequent posters at the web site at issue and trying to make it seem like they have joined him in a crusade against this poster. This is a sham. Charlie is writing the comments, and signing other people's names.

How pathetic is this?

He is fighting a fight that no one cares about, and has to resort to commenting to himself to make it seem like anyone gives a crap.

Wow, how empty is your life Charlie that you need to set up a big charade like this. Do you really expect anyone to believe your lies about your educational background and employment history when you post things like a grade school child?

Grow up, grow a set, and do something important with your life you pathetic loser.


  1. It is so painfully obvious that Charlie "no balls" Treuter is an irrelevant POS...always has been, is now, and will continue to be until the day he breathes his last breath. BTW, that will be a day to celebrate. What a sadly pitiful excuse for human existence. He is doubtlessly a complete failure and wasted space and will never serve a useful purpose until he's buried so the worms can consume his otherwise worthless carcass.

  2. Chuckipoopoo actually thinks anyone gives a flip about his being pissed? Guess so, he deleted all of his MYSPACE blogs and at noon today posted his little rant:

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    says that if I can't blog the way I want to blog, then I will blog somewhere else.Mood: pissed off
    3 hours ago

    Well, well, well oh "no balls" one you just do that~ROTFALMAO!!!

  3. Thus far it's been a really tough year for Charlie "no balls" Treuter. He's been barred from posting on nearly every food blog and that really has to hurt his ego. His brothers made it more than clear they weren't intimidated by him or his death threats and bullshit demands to share in their deceased mother's quite sizable estate from which C "nb" T received nary a penny. A commissioned investigator has ripped Chuck and his prison nurse to shreds with regards to their imaginary claims of wealth, favor, power, and popularity - no one but a delusional moron would believe anything Chuck or Liz would say or post. An arrest warrant awaits Chuck in Texas for terroristic threats. A Texas Grand Jury will, in October, consider felony charges against C "nb" T and if his brothers testify he'll likely be indicted and extradited to Texas to face trial and highly probable convictions. The State of Maryland has an ongoing investigation against Chuck's prison wife for either claiming or allowing Chuck to claim that she is a medical doctor. One of C "nb" T's brothers' wife has created an excellent blog exposing Chuck and Liz as pathological liars and frauds. The sad list goes on and on and it all started with Chuck's lust and obvious need for money - Jesus warned about the love of money as being the ROOT of all evil and Chuckies' evils are immense.

    However, in order to comfort himself and attempt to impress others he continues to spew unadulterated bullshit in hopes that he can somehow boost his completely deflated ego and appear a success when in fact his only success in life is spelled F A I L E D.

    Now, for a side-splitting laugh read the following asinine email from Chuckles The Clown:

    July IRS filing
    From: Daddy Warbucks docwarbucks@gmail.com
    To: mihoffman@columbus.rr.com, onpointlegalsupport@mail.usa.comDate:
    Fri, Aug 6, 2010 4:25 pm

    We have today received our monthly reconciliation statement from our Washington, D.C., accountant (for the month ending in July):

    Joint and individual bank account balance(s) TOTAL: $1,345,611.31

    Real estate current estimated valuations (NC, AR, TX, UK): $2,975,500.00

    Personal property estimated valuation - boat, 3 vehicles (Jaguar, Hyundai, Kia), antique arcade collection, equine interests: $574,950.00.

    Estimated joint income for the fiscal year 2010: $278,500.00.

    Our accountant has filed the required documents with the Internal Revenue Service.

    Verifiable, with proper credentials and intelligent "Googling" skills.

  4. In order to avoid any any misunderstanding Chuck's wife is a prison nurse and not a prisoner except for being imprisoned to Chuck and her own delusional imagination which has led her to either post or allowed Chuck to post that she is a medical doctor. Now, depending upon the exact nature of those posts then it could be that she could become more intimately familiar with the interior of a prison than simply that of "nursing" convicted and incarcerated criminals.

  5. Chucklehead is so done it by that last blog post wherein "The Ferret" ripped him to pieces as a FINALE to his stint as a fake, fraud, and Internet troll:


    Chuck's brother, Kenneth, had MySpace partially ban Charles from any further posts such as the ones he had posted wherein he had lied and defamed. But today, hoping to save face, Chuck posted the following on his MySpace profile page - very sad but also very amusing:

    says the Myspace assholes wiped out ALL of my former blogs. I will try again here, but my REAL blogs are over on GBlogger.
    2 hours ago
    Read more: http://www.myspace.com/docchuck#ixzz0woEqzJhg

    LOL, swears he will never again post on MySpace (as if anyone would give a damn) and now he says otherwise. WHAT A FLIPFLOPPING FRAUD HE IS.

  6. DocChuck/Charles Richard Treuter is certainly done in and he is pissed. Look at the irrational rage he's spewing on his hate blog. The DocChuck saga is becoming hilarious.

    The Ferret ripped him to shreds and he can't overcome the exposure. His brothers had him shot down on his MySpace blog and NOTE HOW HE'S REMOVED ALL OF HIS BULLSHIT CLAIMS TO ACADEMIA AND WEALTH AND PROPERTY OWNERSHIP - He's hurting alright and it's just too, too amusing to watch how he's going down in a tail spin. I, for one, love what The Ferret has done in exposing Charlie "no balls" Treuter as the piece of worthless shit that he is. Join me in a belly laugh and toast while hee-hawing on the following "DocChuck" spew:
    reports that blog is intermittent. "Friends" comments are getting through. Some are getting "set to private" message (?)
    1 hour ago
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    Doc Chuck
    This profile is set to private. This user must add you as a friend to see his/her profile.
    Read more: http://www.myspace.com/docchuck#ixzz0wtVEp9gj