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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Credibility, it seems, is not Charles Treuter's strong suit .... "

In yet another long winded expose intended to reveal the truth, something our dear Charles wouldn't recognize if it rose up and bit him, Charlie rails against what I assume is his brother.

As part of his expose he posts what he reports is a picture of his brother's wife...

Under this photo Chuckle head writes...

This is the REAL illegal mexican immigrant, Maria Borges "Treuter" (60 years old, 300+ pounds) from a fairly recent photograph submitted by a neighbor of the Treuter "compound"

Unfortunately for Chuck, he wrongly assumes the rest of the world is as stupid as he is, and therefore sets the bar very low and makes it so very easy to uncovering more of his lies.

This is not his target's wife, it isn't a recent photograph he got from some cooperative neighbor, it is something he trolled off the net in a story about a Kansas woman who apparently was arrested in the death of a child.

Oh Charlie, you dumb ass, at least change the links in your pictures so they are semi credible.

Once again you offer clear proof you are a fraud, a liar, a phony, and, not terribly bright.


  1. Hahahahaha.

    What a jackass!

  2. "The Truth", thank you for this post and furthering the ongoing expose of Charles Richard Treuter/DocChuck/Charlie "no balls" Treuter. I also want to share with you that Charles has little to no idea of what's headed his way with respect to both criminal and civil legal problems.

    My other brother and I have not idly sat by while this sociopathic troll, liar, convicted felon, and pathological liar has spewed his venom and hatred against us, Jews, blacks, and Mexicans. He crossed the line when he began using our names to post his bullshit on many sites within the worldwide web and we have done more than merely taken offense at it. MUCH MORE. Charlies "no balls" Treuter's escapades are speedily catching up with him and even though he is obviously in denial about the reality of what is headed his way he can be assured that he is on a watch list that any rational being would never desire to be on.

    Thanks again.

  3. Yo, Charlie "no balls" Treuter, you can pretend to others that you don't read this site on a regular basis BUT we know you do.

    Here's a telephone number you may want to pass on to your "investigative agents" and your "battery" of D.C. "attorneys": 410-277-6677. And now for even more of a challenge for you or your "hounds":

    If you and/or your toughies can ever figure out to where the phone number connects then let your imaginations go to work on why it was that the number was in use for over an hour on this very date between 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Columbia, MD time. Hmmmm!

  4. While it would make me smile to see old Chuck get what is coming, lets face it, he is a pretty miserable guy right now. Oh he can write about his accomplishments and possessions, but look at what drives his life, berating, badgering, and belittling what are mainly strangers on the internet. What a hollow life and hollow man.

    What do you see when you look in the mirror Chuck? Are you sad? Disappointed? Angry at how you wasted your life?

  5. Fake, fraud, phony, and not terribly bright? Could the blogger have understated the truth about this colossal dick of an inexcusable facsimile of human existence? I don't think so.

    And to think that he started his adulthood as a rapist. Frickin' sad, pitiful, and SICK!


    Damnit, Chuck, what the hell is the matter with you? Huh?

  6. If a person can read they can easily see through Charles Treuter and peg him for what he is. He is one sick individual. He uses his hate blog to speak to himself and I suppose he thinks others buy into his pathology that the so-called comments "made" in "response" to his wholly incredulous spewing actually come from someone other than himself. His propaganda and mis/disinformation game is so transparent that even a child would catch onto it.

    Charles, you are a complete idiot if you think that you are erudite enough to post comments by "others" without it being easily seen that they come from ONLY ONE SOURCE - and that is YOU.

    God alone only knows the depth of your insanity, perversions, and deviances. The rest of us only know that you are useless.

  7. Chas, here's a name from the past for you, Lillie G. Treuter. You have certainly become famous, haven't you? Keep blogging Chas because I've never been more amused by anyone than I am by your lies, distortions, rantings and delusions. Chas, I have much more to say about you and I shall. What a farce you've created, loser.

  8. Hahaha, laughing so hard at the BS of a sick man...sociopathic narcissistic idiot. Thankfully, KENNETH WAYNE TREUTER, DOB 12-11-1946, SSN 466-78-1852 IS DEAD. What could be better than one sick man being dead? Ken is dead. Hurray hurray hurray. He can't hurt innocent folks any more