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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Camper Chuck!

Well, it is looking more and more like our pal is the go to guy to take camping for his mad outdoors-man skills!

The past few weeks have shown Chuckie to be a master tent folder, as he has folded his outspoken blogs on several websites.

Please let us know what days you are available. I like camping, but hate packing up. Having someone who can fold his tents as quickly as you would be an asset!


  1. Charles Richard Treuter/DocChuck/Charlie "No Balls" Treuter has indeed once again folded his LieSpace (MySpace)tent due to its lack of ventilation and its allowing in far too much light being shone upon his fraudulent claims and myths (LIES). The heat is just too much for Chucklehead to stand so he's packed up and gone "private" making himself only available to his friends (those imaginary folks he used to comment on his hate blog until Google shut 'em down because of its policy against identity theft, impersonations, and violations of federal laws).

    Now Chuck has to contend with another blog exposing him and his beached-whale looking "wife": http://docchuckchat.blogspot.com/?zx=702c95e1876e54ae

    another one created by one of his brothers:

    Chuck, do you really think Costa Rica is a far enough away move for you and Elizabeth? I'm just asking since the U.S. and Costa Rica do have an extradition agreement and with your Social Security Numbers, Passport Numbers, and other vital identification information now being known and being made public it may be a real hassle to simply pitch your tent in Costa Rica and hope to escape all of the interest which has been created in seeing you two frauds be brought to justice. Just saying...

    Now CARRION, Chuck!

  2. Appears that Barbara V. and Lillie T. have joined the fray and are talking. Oh, Chuck, what can I say? Perhaps, "...what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive..."?

  3. Chuckles writes on Labor Day, 2010:

    and Dr. E. are leaving for the 'Big Island' this weekend. She has forbidden me to take my laptop, so I will be incommunicado for a spell.
    2 hours ago

    Read more: http://www.myspace.com/docchuck#ixzz0ylp1M7Q0

    Smart move, prison nurse, Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter, LOL. Factual Observation: A couple of
    demitasses would fit Charles and Elizabeth's heads like Mexican sombreros.

  4. After fourteen years of no contact from their brother Charles, Kenneth W. and Douglas V. Treuter came under a barrage of emails from Charles. I am herein posting the first of those emails as another example of the mentally deranged and delusional Charles "No Balls" Treuter folding his "tent" of DEMANDS so the reader can gain insights into the pure hatred and venom which brews inside the mind of this estranged brother who was disowned by his mother and was completely disinherited by her (with good reasons):

    Hello, ‘Colonel’
    From: Charles Treuter
    To: onpointlegalsupport@mail.usa.com
    Date:Fri, Sep 11, 2009 1:29 pm

    Hey, “Colonel”:

    You, and your mexican wife and your Gatewood-look-alike brother (aka ‘Douglas’) have been fucking with me.

    That is a no-no. And you should know better.

    My D.C. attorneys are in the process of coming after you, and they fully intend to get my share of the inheritance.

    You can pay me NOW, or you can pay me later. But you WILL pay me my share of the inheritance.

    SHAME upon you and ‘Doug’ for stealing from me. Do you NOT think that I have been collecting and saving documentation from the past? Really?

    Most respectfully,

    Dr. Charles R. Treuter


    Yeah, right, Camper Chuck. Once more you've been forced to evacuate camp and leave empty handed because neither I nor your other brother or anyone else you screamed out gave a tinker's damn about your demands or your huffing and puffing and blowing. Guess those "D.C. attorneys" told you what a hopeless and baseless case you had so you gave that idea up. I wonder if they also informed you that you are just as hopeless and baseless as an excuse for human existence. If they didn't you should sue them for malpractice because they're as moronic and useless as are you.