I am a loser!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shot down again!

Looks like our pal Chuckles has been shot down again. In typical fashion he makes it seem like it was his principled belief in free speech that led him to pull the plug on his myspace blog, yet anyone who has followed his trail of BS knows better. Lies, distortions, and hate have gotten him banned, if only partially this time, from yet another web site.

Face it chuckle head, no one wants to smell what you are cooking loser!


  1. Dammmnation, Chuckerpoop, it's been one hell of a tough year on you, eh? Shot down over and over and over again. ROTFALOL.

  2. Here's a "gotta" read for you:



  3. Charles, you really are a very sad piece of work. All the time you've spent trying to convince others that you amount to something when the truth is you never have. What a pitiful existence you've had and wasted through all these years. What a blessing it was to rid myself of the likes of you. Poor, poor Elizabeth. She must really be miserable.

    Your brother, Kenneth, has really shot you down in so many ways. Getting you censored on MySpace has to be eating away at you like a cancer. And his working with a commissioned investigator to expose you for who and what you are has had to have crushed your unduly overinflated ego.

    This blog is so on point with regards to your b.s. You are a loser. Make that LOSER.

  4. DocChuck
    does NOT trust Myspace, after all of their bullshit. I think, that at least for the present time, I will take my blogging elsewhere.
    Read more: http://www.myspace.com/docchuck#ixzz0wjrKZ1Go

    Oh really, DocChuck? And you are how old? You are the oldest and yet most infantile idiot I've ever read or read about, hands down.

    Shot down again? Now that has to be the understatement of 2010.

  5. Shot down on MySpace where he took down his previously long-standing fraudulent academic claims along with the fake chronological claims attached thereto. Chuckerpoop has been so EXPOSED that it's time to stick a fork in him because HE IS DONE!!!

  6. Just a few minutes ago Charlie "No Balls" Treuter posted the following at what USE to be his MySpace blog where he spewed his bullshit and then commented on it through fake(made up)individuals "who" posted "their" thoughts, LOL.

    is currently devoting his attention to his blog over on GBlogger. I will return to Myspace once they have their problems solved.
    33 minutes ago

    Read more: http://www.myspace.com/docchuck#ixzz0wtqfOdMm