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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Once again Charlie writes about someone and how he doesn't care what they think, and then writes several paragraphs about how what they think bother him.

Chuckles wrote:

I do not give a F**K whether or not you, Mikey, can "stand" Southern Fried Chicken.
and then spends a lot of time explaining and demonstrating how he cares very much.

Oh Charlie, you are so transparent.

and pathetic!


  1. Transparent, pathetic, and further exposed:


  2. Charlie "no balls" Richard Treuter is at it once again with his hate language and Nazi-styled Antisemitic bullshit. This time he rants and raves against a Canadian Jewish lady who set him straight with her open letter a couple of years back. He is still brewing and steaming over her standing up to him. What a racist and sexist sociopath he is. One can only wonder if he is simply speaking for himself or is it a matter of his being a devout disciple of the racist BO/MO team which he serves that motivates him to post his venom. What a pathetic sicko you are, Charlie "no balls" Treuter.

    I wouldn't blame the Jewish community for protesting at your rented Columbia, Maryland apartment where you sit at a computer and hope to contribute to another holocaust.

    Chuck, here is your sick post of this date for all to read:

    http://docchuckchats.blogspot.com/?zx=702c95e1876e54ae Which you chose to title:
    "Natalie Sztern, a Candian jewish woman, needs our help". She doesn't need your help but she does need to SUE your worthless ass and also talk to your wife's employer inasmuch as your wife works with elderly Jewish folks in a nursing home - what a hell of a scary thought that is.

    Oh, and I've further exposed your racist hatred of Jews at the following blog page:

    If it weren't so sad it would be amusing how you "blog" and in the comment section talk to yourself by creating "posters" and "their" COMMENTS. God knows you are really twisted.

  3. Are you an individual or group that wants to know more investigative and/or contact information about Charlie "no balls" Treuter? Well, I'm happy to be of service to all those (Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians) who want to or who may feel a need to get in touch with him.

    Full Name: Charles Richard Treuter.
    Date of Birth: May 19, 1942.
    Place of Birth: Houston, Texas.
    Deceased Mother's Name: Nellie Vernon (Gatewood) Treuter.
    Deceased Father's Name: Richard Oscar Treuter.
    Deceased Maternal Grandparents: James and Jessie Gatewood.
    Deceased Paternal Grandparents: Anna and Oscar Treuter (Oscar, also a sociopath like his grandson, Charlie "no balls" Treuter, committed suicide by blowing his own brains out after throwing a temper tantrum).
    First Wife: Barbara Kreig of Houston, Texas. (Mother to Charlie's son, Charles Robert Treuter, age 45, of Troy, New York area).
    Second Wife: Lily. Mother to your Charlie's daughter, Shannon of Clearwater, Florida area.
    Third "Wife": Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) of Houston, Texas. A nurse who contracts for works in Columbia, Maryland area Correctional Institutes and offers her "services" to elderly Jewish individuals living in nursing homes, hmmmmm.
    Charlie's Email Address: docwarbucks@gmail.com
    Charlie's Previous Locations: Houston, Texas; Evansville, Indiana; Pensacola, Florida, Syracuse, New York; Cincinnati, Ohio; Mt. Home, Arkansas.
    Charlies' Current Residential Location: 5633 Columbia Rd. - Apt. 102, Columbia, Maryland, 21044.
    Charlie's Phone Number: (A.C. 410)245-4750.

  4. Actually, DocChuck's wife is a famous Brain Surgeon who graduated from Johns Hopkins University with honors (the top of her class).

    Dr. E. has performed many delicate cranial operations on Maryland residents. She in fact, performed an autopsy on Saddam, just hours before his inauspicious burial.

    DocChuck, who holds numerous doctoral degrees from Universities such as "University of Houston - Ed.D.; University of Texas - Ph.D.; and Johns Hopkins University - M.D.

    DocChuck and Doctor E. are two of the most respected physicians in America at this time. They also own NUMEROUS clinics in the United Kingdom, including Ireland, Scotland, and Great Britain.

    Doctor Elizabeth has been officially recognized by the Queen of England for her work in cranial surgery, skull reconstruction, and neurosurgical procedures.

    DocChuck is quite busy, however, managing his numerous real estate investments: 4 major resorts; horse farm in Arkansas; wife's inherited home in San Antonio, Texas; his Baltimore-docked cruiser the Elizabeth Ann; his luxury mountain-top condo in North Carolina; and his various financial interests in several other multi-million dollar enterprises.

  5. It is remarkable that despite how Chuck is so very busy with all his doctor work and real estate management he manages to find the time to hang on each word some cranky posters make on food web sites and copy each one to save for some future purpose.

    I am guessing the only "real estate" chuck holds is the very small parcel he tugs at while giving himself the jollies over harassing people on the internet. His past behavior, stalking, and moronic feuds are pretty compelling evidence the guy is a dunce. Doctoral degrees? haha! And his wife is the only MD I know who uses RN instead of MD after her name. How modest of her to hide her degrees like that!

  6. HEY, Colonel/Reverend/Esquire, mexican whore humping coward!

    Are you having trouble with the Board of Nursing? I heard that they are still guffawing over your "communication", yeah, they sent me and my company a copy --- ROFLMAO.

    Are you having trouble with your MySpace little creations. I understand they have kicked you off ONCE AGAIN, after my husband talked to them ---ROFLMAO.

    Are you having trouble with some of my husband's blogger friends who have sent your ignorant, uneducated, loser ass packing?

    Are you having trouble getting all those threatened "lawsuits" filed, Mr. LAWYER who has "practiced law all over the State of Texas" --- a State which my relatives damn near own?

    Are you having trouble "EXPOSING" DocChuck, who could buy and sell your worthless, uneducated ass ten times over?

    Are you having a bad day ACCEPTING jesus as your fucking savior, COLONEL/REVEREND/ESQUIRE, after jesus thinks you are a thieving, lying, phony, scumbag?

    REALLY????? --- ROFLMAO.

    Carrion, "LAWYER" Kenneth Wayne Treuter, Esquire.

  7. Chuck and Liz Treuter have FAILED, FAILED, FAILED and then again FAILED.

    For all their huffing and puffing since September, 2009 about gonna get his share of his deceased mother's quite sizable estate and Liz paying D.C. attorneys and blah, blah, blah they haven't gotten a single cent from either of Chuckie's brothers who sent his ass packing. So much for all of Chuck's and Liz's noise making.

    Now Liz is facing a state of Maryland inquiry on her RN license due to claiming to being an MD. Oh yeah, she says otherwise but the AMA is still investigating. Such fun!

    And Chuck has a Texas statewide criminal warrant waiting him in Texas for terroristic threats. Going to Texas anytime soon, Chuckie?

    In October, a Texas Grand Jury will take up a vote on either true billing or no billing Chuckie on two (count them Chukeroo, one + one = TWO felony complaints [identity theft AND fraud] - can Chuck and Liz guess who all will be testifying at the Grand Jury hearing?) and if he's true billed/indicted an arrest warrant will be sent to Maryland and he will be extradited to Texas to face the charge(s). You do like traveling in handcuff's, eh Chuck?

    Chuckie and Lizzie have been exposed and no one, but no one, believes any of their bs which they've spewed for five plus years.

    Well, Chuckeroo, hope to see you in the Lone Star State before year's end, ol' boy! Travel light, you'll be provided with a nice bright orange jumpsuit, LOL.

  8. Oh and you WILL see us in the Lone Star State, and you WILL see us represented by a relative who will be VERY passionate about putting your insane ass away.

    We are fully aware that you are fishing for clues to our future legal strategy. Well, you will not get those "CLUES" here, Kenneth Wayne Treuter.

    But you WILL have your day in court, along with your sibling Douglas Vernon Treuter.

    Count on it, REVEREND.

  9. Your future legal strategy, ROTFALMAO!!!! Chuckiepoo??? Learn to say it, "Guilty, your honor, please show leniency on a 68 year old pathological lying POS and a sociopath who needs therapy more than a prison cell, please, please, I swear I'll not do it anymore, I'm just a pitiful and pathetic LOSER!"

  10. It is both sad and amusing that a mexican whore humper such as yourself is nothing but dirt under the feet of my husband.

    I mean our mexican housekeeper, who cleans our toilets, washes our clothes, and changes our linens daily is obviously far more intelligent than the obese immigrant pig that you live with and who squeezed out the half-breed animals that YOU call "daughters."

    You are nothing but a scumbag and a liar, just like the Dallas newspapers called you.

    Your "legal fantasies" which you read about on the internet are nothing but that --- FUCKING fantasies. Your whole fucking life on the internet and with your pig mexican wife is a fantasy.

    You need not bother responding to this post, which is the LAST communication you will receive BEFORE we have this "website" shut down, just like my husband has shut down ALL of your other websites.

    What a pathetic piece of shit you are, COLONEL/REVEREND/ESQUIRE/MEXICAN WHORE HUMPER/UNEMPLOYED/ jerkoff.


    DOCTOR E, M.D. Johns Hopkins University.

  11. Chuckeroodoodoo is really pissed off! And, as for me, I'm loving it. He is going to get this site shut down? When, when Hell freezes over in the middle of August, LOL? Here's the site that I love best with regards to exposing Docupchuck and his beached whale prison nurse:


    Yeah, Chuckerpucker hates it as does Lizzardblimp but it ain't ever going away! But it's gonna keep you two exposed for many years to come - very thorough, very detailed, very ready to tell even more as more develops.

    You don't have to love it but you do have to live with it, Charlie, "no balls" Treuter. LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL...

  12. That's a good one, indeed. But my favorite is the one Chuckles and the "E"clipse anything she stands in front of prison nurse claims has been removed:


    Now that's a lovely lady blogger and she doesn't pull any punches. Maruca, you go girl!

  13. Update to Charlie "no balls" Treuter and his beached-whale looking/type Mormon contract prison nurse who evidently can't work for a real doctor/physician or hospital so she nurses Maryland state convicts:

    How's that investigation by the AMA and Maryland state nursing license board working out for you two?

    Oh, "Doctor E", Md., "graduate from John Hopkins University's Medical School", I thought I'd just let you know that your and Charlie "no balls" Treuter's getting this site shut down doesn't seem to be happening. Can you two think of any reason(s)why that's the case? If so, please share. ROTFALMAO!!!