I am a loser!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Anyone else notice how Chuckie's burning bushes blog has an update or new post and within an hour or two a whole bunch of comments are made? Could it be that there are people even more pathetic than chuck who hang out just waiting for him to defecate his latest thoughts?

No, that seems unlikely.

A far more scenario is that these comments are all fakes and Chuckie just writes them himself, waiting a few minutes between each one to give them the appearance of "reality". Maybe this would work if we were all as stupid as you chuck, but since many of us have an actual education, as opposed to your fabricated credentials, it just doesn't have the ring of truth.

Nice try though, you simpleton!


  1. By simpleton, I presume that you are referring to Chuck as being a person who is know to be deficient in judgment, good sense, and intelligence.

    In other words, a fool who comments to himself on his hate blogs.

    Okay, that is certainly the Charlie "no balls" Treuter we all know, thank you.

  2. Has anyone else noticed how Charlie "no balls" Treuter has been attempting to reinvent himself and his wife?

    Suddenly, after being exposed to the world as two impostors and frauds Charlie has dropped his threats and bullshit claims (or at least he has certainly modified them). Currently he posts as a "world traveler" (LOL) and hedonistic connoisseur of fine living and eating.

    To make things even more laughable he has now created new "characters" who post their "comments" (Charlie posts comments to himself - interesting way to spend his waning years as a LOSER) intended to make it seem that they hang on his every word and tidbit of "advise".

    Charlie and Elizabeth Treuter missed their real callings - clowns of Nicholas Harris Entertainment's "The Great American Circus".