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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Equal Opportunity Hater

During a dull part of the day I took a look at Charlie Boy's latest set of posts. He sure does hate a lot of people. His ramblings remind me of when I see various hate groups interviewed on TV. They go on and on about how everyone but them is worthless. Then they show their fat wives, trailer park neighborhood, missing teeth, bad haircuts and just think, and it makes you think, THESE people really think they are above the rest of us? Talk about living in denial!! Chuck complains about everyone, but look at him. He is a short, fat, bald man with delusions of grandeur, a fat wife, and an anger that causes him to strike out at everyone. Who would want to be like him? He is the poster boy for a wasted life and hopeless future.

Oh, and Chuck, what is up with calling yourself god in your blog profile? You are like those guys who always go around proclaiming how manly they are to compensate for the sake they have a really small penis. Is that your issue Chuck or is it just a general insecurity that makes you want to pretend to be something you are not? You are the exact opposite of what people consider god-like. You are weak, powerless, pathetic, and no one holds you in high regard or has any respect for you. Goodness, how you are reaching for the stars Chucky.

Well, enjoy your spewing of venom Charlie. I'll check back in a few weeks to see if your needle is still stuck in the same track.

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